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Arkansas Veteran’s Disability Claims Q & A
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1. What is Veteran’s Administration disability compensation?

Veteran’s disability compensation is a benefit paid to a veteran for injuries or diseases that occurred while on active duty. Benefits may also be paid for current conditions which are made worse as a result of your active duty service.

2. Who is eligible?

Veterans who were discharged under other than dishonorable conditions may be eligible for Veteran’s disability compensation. There are three general requirements that your disability must meet to qualify for benefits. These are:
  • You must have a current, medically diagnosed injury or disease.
  • You must have had an injury or disease during active duty service.
  • Your current condition is connected to or made worse by the injury or disease or disease you suffered while on active duty. This includes current medically diagnosed conditions that may be different from the injury or disease you suffered while on active duty, but caused your service connected injury or disease. This includes Post Traumatic Stress Disease (PTSD)

3. How are my benefits calculated?

The Veteran’s Administration makes a determination of the percent of your disability and that is the basis of benefits paid. So a determination of 80% disability will qualify you for a higher benefit payment than a 10% disability determination.

4. Can I receive Veteran’s disability benefits while I am receiving Social       Security Disability Insurance payments?

Yes you can receive both benefits at the same time. However, Veteran’s disability payment income may disqualify you for Supplemental Security Income payments if you are also receiving those benefits. Eric Worsham, your Baim Law Firm Veteran’s disability attorney can help you make that determination.

5. Can I continue to work if I receive Veteran’s disability benefits?

Can I continue to work if I receive Veteran’s disability benefits?

6. I have already made a claim and it was denied. Should I appeal the           denial?

Yes you should appeal. There are several steps to the appeal process. Eric Worsham can explain your options. Appeals are normally lengthy.

7. How do I go about getting my Veteran’s disability benefits?

You must apply for these benefits at your regional Veteran’s Administration office. The VA regional office for Arkansas is at Fort Roots in North Little Rock. There are also VA Outpatient Clinics throughout Arkansas. Your application must be written.

8. What must I have with my application?

You must have your discharge papers or a copy of the DD214 form which documents your active duty service. You must also have medical record documentation of your current conditions.

9. That sounds complicated. Can I get help?

Yes, the Veteran’s disability payment application process is extremely complicated. And yes, you can get help. Eric Worsham of the Baim Law Firm is an experienced Veteran's disability claim lawyer. He can help you determine if you qualify for benefits. If you do, Eric can help you through the entire application process.

10. What are the costs?

There are no fees due unless you gain approval for your Veteran’s Disability payments. Contact The Baim Law Firm at (870) 534.2941 in Pine Bluff. Outside Pine Bluff, call 800.848.2941. Your first meeting is free, and we will help you determine if you are eligible for Veteran’s Disability benefits.

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