Veteran's Disability

Veteran's Disability Claims

veteran’s disability claims lawyer
If you are suffering a disability as a result of your military service, you may be eligible to claim monthly Veteran’s Disability payments

Veteran's Disability Claims

You have no risk. No fees are due unless we win your Veteran’s Disability claim.

How to get your benefits

The United States Department of Veteran’s Affairs determines your eligibility for these benefits according to your percentage of disability. To start the process toward getting your benefits, you must apply for benefits at the Department of Veteran’s Affairs Regional Office at Fort Roots in North Little Rock, or the appropriate regional office for your residence.

Improve your chances for approval

The Veteran’s Disability benefit application process can be long and complicated. To improve your chances for approval of your benefits, Veteran’s Disability lawyer Eric Worsham can help you in the application process. Eric is one of only 23 lawyers in Arkansas admitted to practice law before the United States Court of Appeals for Veteran’s Claims.

There are no fees due unless you gain approval for your Veteran's Disability payments. Contact The Baim Law Firm at 870.534.2941 in Pine Bluff or 1-800.848.2941 outside Pine Bluff to make an appointment. Your first meeting is free, and we will help you find out if you are eligible for Veteran’s Disability benefits.

Find out more

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