Nursing Home Neglect

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Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing homes around Arkansas are being fined for unsafe and neglectful conditions.

Arkansas Nursing Home Neglect

You trust Arkansas nursing homes to care for your elderly loved ones. Unfortunately, while many do receive proper care, some fall through the cracks left by understaffed facilities or undertrained workers and nurses.

 Nursing homes and, in some cases, hospitals cut corners to stay at or under budget and the victims are the people they're charged with caring for. 

This just isn't right. 

At Baim Law, we pride ourselves on being People Lawyers. To that end, we go to work for you if you suspect your loved ones are being abused or neglected. We hope you won't need us, but when you do, we'll answer the call. 

It's important to know that no two cases are alike when it comes to nursing home neglect or abuse. Here are some things to look for. 

Nursing Home Neglect Symptoms and Signs
  • Bedsores: Bedsores are preventable and can lead to serious, and sometimes fatal, complications. Unfortunately, bedsores are all to common and should be treated as urgent. 
  • Choking: Understaffed facilities is the main reason that nursing home residents suffer from choking incidents. With a fully staffed nursing home, dangerous choking situations should be avoided.
  • Falls: Unfortunately, falls happen, but sometimes the fault lies with improper care or nursing home negligence. 
  • Broken Bones: Unexplained broken bones mean something happened that shouldn't have and, at the very least, should be thoroughly investigated. 
  • Dehydration: The elderly should be properly hydrated at all times and dehydration is a clear sign that something is wrong.
  • Infections, Blood Poisoning, Sepsis: The elderly are more prone to sepsis than the general population, and conditions such as diabetes, cancer, and kidney disease can put nursing home residents at increased risk for this dangerous condition. 
  • Weight Loss: Unexplained weight loss is a red flag when it comes to nursing homes. Sometimes it's the result of an illness, or natural aging, but if you suspect otherwise, our nursing home neglect lawyers will advise you.
  • Malnutrition: We trust nursing homes to not just feed our loved ones, but feed them well-balanced healthy meals. When they fall short, the elderly suffer. 
  • Unexplained Death: If you suspect your loved one's death could have been avoided, call us.
How our Arkansas nursing home and neglect attorneys help you

If you think your loved ones are the victims of nursing home or hospital abuse or neglect, our attorneys in Pine Bluff, El Dorado, or Hot Springs will advise you on your options and help you make the best choice for your individual circumstances.

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